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VAT Forms

VAT Amendment Act, 2010 has brought about a sea change in VAT Forms in India by introducing VAT Forms download over the internet. VAT Forms in India, are to be submitted at various time periods based on the transaction done.

  • VAT Forms being state subject, are different from state to state, but the gist and contents of the form remain the same.
  • Each state department has its own website which facilitates VAT Forms download free of cost.
  • The VAT Forms are available both in PDF or excel format along with the instruction kit.
  • VAT form 16 and VAT form 1 are to be filled in capital letters only either with black or blue ink. Whereas VAT form 1 is a onetime procedure, VAT form 16 is periodical procedure for Vat payments.
  • VAT form 1 is an application for registration of business/ trade carried on by the applicant. VAT form 1 can also be made by duly authorized agent of the trader along with the annexure and prescribed fee. In case of any discrepancies, the concerned officer at the department will inform the applicant, who can make good the discrepancies and apply again.

VAT form 16 is to be filed along with Tax return for monthly payment of tax. The details on taxable purchases, sales and transactions exempt from tax are to be furnished in VAT form 16.

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