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SC Certificate

The forms of application remain available online or from the local office in village, town or city, which is generally the office of Sub-Tehsil level or e-disha centre Tehsil. If in case no any member of one’s family has been issued a certificate representing one’s caste, an enquiry is to be done before issuance of certificate to the applicant. Proof of living in one’s for at least a definite period of time, an affidavit admitting that one belongs to SC and the fee of the stamp are needed at the time of applying.

Documents Required

For getting a ST/SC tribe certificate, one is required to produce an application in a prescribed format duly attested by a qualified authority or officer with the following things:

  1. Certificate, which should be self attested
  2. If there are women, caste certificate is required prior to marriage
  3. Valid report regarding caste Sarpanch/MC/Patwari
  4. Copy of voter card/ration card/ name in the list of voter
  5. Application form

Expected Delivery Date:

At least seven working days

Free Details:

Total fee chargeable is Rs. 15 per certificate

This certificate is very useful for the tribes of SC. They must avail of this opportunity for reaping lot of benefits given by the government in educational institutions as well as jobs.

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