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SARAL Form Download

SARAL Form Download is available on or Saral form income tax was introduced to simply the procedure of filing Income Tax returns by individuals and the nomenclature “saral” refers to “simple” in Hindi language. SARAL Form Download is available in pdf and excel formats and is free of cost.

Saral Form ITR 1 is meant for individuals having taxable income in India from Salary or Pension or House property but not any income from lottery winnings and not from carry forward losses from House property of previous years. Saral form ITR 1 should be filed as it is without any further attachment or annexure and can be filed in three ways:

  1. Submit the filled up form in person to the IT department
  2. Submit the filled up form electronically using a digital signature
  3. Submit the filled up form electronically, and in case there is no digital signature affixed, send the signed copy of acknowledgement within 120 days to the address given therein.

Saral Form 2D is for all persons under the tax brackets except the following:

  • Corporate
  • Persons who claim exemption under Section 11 like registered trusts and NGOs

The Saral form 2D should be accompanied by a duplicate copy while filing, which will serve as acknowledgement of filing upon submission at the Income Tax department.

Saral form 16 is the format prescribed under Section 206 of the IT Act, 1961 for the taxes paid by the employer to his employee on the salary of the latter. The Saral form 16 gives the details of taxes paid on his account by the employer. Any balance in the Taxes paid and payable can be adjusted/ refunded while filing the saral form Income Tax.

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