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RTI Application Form


The RTI Act 2005 introduced the RTI Application Form to be used for seeking information from any public authority, take copies of documents with the government or make inspection of the documents in government departments. The RTI Application Form download is in the format of Form A under rule 3(1) and is available in English and Hindi languages. The RTI Application Form online is free of cost but the filled in RTI Application Form is to be accompanied with prescribed fee. The filled in RTI Application Form should be submitted to the concerned department specifying whether the information requested is to be received though post. RTI Application Form download is not a necessity to seek information under RTI, but is a suggested format to ease the process.

The public authority on receipt of RTI Application Form online or offline is bound to respond and furnish information sought within one month.If the public authority defaults in furnishing the information, then the concerned public servant is bound to pay penalty not exceeding Rs 250/- per day of default or Rs 25000/- as lump sum.

RTI Application Form for Passport:

The RTI Application Form for passport is meant to get updates on passport applications that were not processed within the reasonable time frame. For example Mr D applied for passport in the year 2006 and he neither received the passport nor got any information on his application as to rejection or otherwise. Mr D sought the route by making use of RTI application for passport seeking information on daily progress of his application for a period of 30 days in a particular month. This enabled Mr D to know the status of his passport within no time, his passport was in his hands.

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