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Online Marriage Registration Form

Documents pertaining to registration of a wedding

After celebration of the marriage, marriage registration form is provided to both wife as well as her husband. Registration process can be carried under two different laws including Act of Special Marriage, 1954 as well as Act of Hindu Marriage, 1955.Act of Hindu Marriage is relevant in every case where the couple husband as well as his wife is a Jain, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist or they have transformed their religion. On the other hand if both husband and wife do not belong to Jain, Hindu, Sikh as well as Buddhist religion, their wedding is listed according to the Act of Special Marriage, 1954.

Credentials needed for registration

Properly finished as well as signed marriage registration form by husband as well as wife.

Evidence related to the place of living (Ration certificate/Elector identity card)

Separate official declaration by wife and her husband in a definite format.

Evidences for confirming the time of birth by both the individuals (Record of 10th standard, Time of birth as per records)

Two photographs of both husband and wife as well as one wedding photograph is required
Wedding card if, accessible.

Original replica regarding declaration of separation/Order in a divorce case as well as certificate related to passing away of the other half similar to a woman whose husband has died.

When a person does not follow Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism as well as Hinduism, a record of transformation from the priest who formalized the wedding is needed (in Act of Hindu Marriage).

If the candidate is a resident belonging to a distant nation, a certificate without having any objection and verified by the high commissioner is required. Also a request form must be attached alongwith.

If the wedding was organized in a sacred area, a confirmation from the priest who formalized the marriage is desired.

A spectator of Government officer (Government official must possess an authorized seal as well as his identity proof)

MANDATORY: All credentials must be authorized by a high grade government representative.

Submission of charges for getting registered

A person is required to pay an amount of Rs.100/- for getting listed and if a person wishes to celebrate his marriage by performing a ceremony he needs to pay Rs.150/-.

How to apply

You can go to office of the assistant commissioner or you can go to office of assistant deputy commissioner near to your place between 10:00 am till 1:00 pm on all working days. Also you can APPLY USING WEB NETWORK.

Reaction time?

Certificate for medical registration is facilitated within one week.

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