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Online Indian Visa Form

Each and every individual entering legitimately in India is expected to possess an international valid travel document, popularly referred to as passport with a validation in the form of Visa received from an Indian mission.
The individual persons who need a Visa can apply for an Indian Visa by clicking  on an online link of the application on the requisite portal to make one to get a Visa for India.
Thereafter, a complete and duly signed copy of online application form which has been completed in all its aspects shall be submitted to the concerned person at the Indian Visa Application Center (IVAC) or if possible then the physical copy may directly be submitted to Indian Mission or Post, properly on the appointed date of the interview along with other documents. All the instructions for online application and filing of the application form are available at Instructions Page for the Online Visa Application. Moreover, in case any individual needs technical assistance for filing the Indian visa application it can be seen in Technical instructions page.
The status of any Visa application must be followed on the link given for Visa enquiry.
In case any other information about Indian Visa is required the applicants shall visit the website of requisite Indian Mission.
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